My name is Alan Campbell and I am an amateur photographer located in County Antrim, Northern Ireland.  

I've always had an interest in photography but it's really only been in the past 5 years, when I first got my first serious mirrorless camera, that I started to catch the 'photography bug'.  Today I have moved completely over from Nikon to Fuji X and I have never looked back.

For me photography is all about how I see something, my perspective and how I can imagine using the light and the shadows being cast on the scene.  At the start of my photography journey I always saw things in colour but over time I have come to appreciate and love the black and white format.  Composing an image using the light, shadows, contrast, drama, tones, texture, patterns and lines simply means you are not distracted by the colour. You can focus on the ingredients needed to make a  composition that can tell a story.  These ingredients and the necessary "digital darkroom" post-processing is why Black and White Photography takes on much more of an art form.

Nature and landscape photography has been my passion and going forward I will keep this focus but I will be using additional techniques such as long exposure, focus stacking and infrared to capture movement and other aspects not visible to the naked eye.  

I hope you enjoy my portfolio website and if you have any questions then please contact me.

~ Alan

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